Comprehensive Platform and Unique Value Proposition

We built Hospitalist-IQ from the ground up as a platform to support the entire Hospitalist business life cycle from Patient Care, Charge Capture, Billing through Collection. We believe this one-stop shop approach is our unique differentiation which frees up your Hospitalist group to focus on more important things like Quality of Care and Revenue.

Our system has made a significant difference for a number of Hospitalist groups of all sizes. If you are not satisfied with your collection rates on billable services, we would be happy to analyze your revenue cycle data to show you how you could maximize your revenue, at no cost to you and without any obligation to us.

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use and robust solution, complemented with world class services to allow Hospitalists to run their business with ease, efficiency and confidence.

We want to be your partner in success.

Our Story

Hospitalist-IQ was born in 2003 from the collaboration between a leading Phoenix area Hospitalist and an IT entrepreneur. We have continued to enhance the platform as we support a growing base of clients in the USA.