Tier 1 Offering

Our Tier 1 service includes the Patient Care and Hospitalist Administration modules.It is a low risk, low commitment tier which optimizes your daily work schedule and information management. It provides On-Call management, Call Routing, PCP communication, Coverage Schedule Management and Insurance information management. This module can integrate with your existing billing applications.
Your first step with Hospitalist IQ may be low risk or low commitment but it can make a significant difference to the way you operate

  • Call Routing routes calls without any operator intervention, saving time and eliminating possible human error
  • PCP’s and Referring Physicians really appreciate the prompt communication provided through our PCP Fax Notification Service
  • Physicians are able to view their schedules, manage census, discharge instructions in real time through mobile devices like phones or tablets
  • Administrators can create coverage schedules, view detailed billing reports, manage Length Of Stay (LOS) and Physician workload