Tier 2 Offering

Tier 2 Offering includes everything in Tier 1 with the addition of Billing, Claims and Management Reports modules. These new processes are integrated within the billing application provided as part of this service, giving you access to our complete software platform.

Our process integration allows flow of vital information from Patient Management to Charge Capture, Billing and Claims modules. This key functionality which allows ICD 9 and CPT codes to be uploaded into the billing system makes our platform unique. Clerical staff would need to just enter a few lines of identifying information reducing data entry by 50%. With this seamless flow of information the Management Reports module allows you to extract key data giving you greater visibility and accountability of your business.

In effect you now have all the processes from Hospitalist-IQ integrated into one system and under your control

  • Ability to capture encounters accurately reducing lost charges 
  • Our integrated platform will eliminate duplicate data entry, data entry errors and associated cost
  • Ability to develop accurate and timely claims, leveraging our exhaustive database of codes
  • Information sent electronically to your billing service or in-house collections thus eliminating lost or misplaced bills